Village Information System

The objective of this project was to develop an information system for some villages situated in Hodel Block of Faridabad District (Haryana) with the help of GIS and GPS technologies. Mapping of each village was done on 1:1000 scale using GPS survey and cadastral maps. Extensive Field Survey was conducted for the collection of attributes related information and marking of facilities as waypoints as per the village information data model. And later on a decision support system was generated with the help of a customized GIS engine that can be supportable for the planners and decision maker s to retrieve the information by integrating the spatial and aspatial data for that area. With the help of this system planners and decision makers can get spatial and non-spatial data for optimal interpretation.

Facility Mapping of New Delhi Area

The objective of this study was to show the usefulness of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technology in Facility Analysis and to show how it can be used for the analysis of Social Infrastructure Levels in Urban Areas. An extensive field survey was carried out for the collection of public facilities as waypoints and attributes related information as per the project requirement. Information processed and GIS ready maps were prepared for creation, updating and maintenance of public facilities and amenities situated in New Delhi's (R.K. Purm, Sarojini Nagar, South Extension, Anand Niketan, Moti Bagh and Netaji Nagar) colonies.

Forest/Vegitational Change Detection for Garwa South Forest Division (Jharkhand)

The processing of satellite imagery and its analysis in GIS has provided a useful method for assessing Vegetation Change Detection. In this project change detection study has been done on the forest of Garwa Range using the latest technology of Remote Sensing and GIS. This study has been done using Remote Sensing data IRS 1C LISS- III, IRS 1C PAN, and SOI topographic sheets surveyed in 1978-79, Forest Division map provided by forest department, and village revenue (mussavis) maps. Finally using all these data and doing change detection analysis through overlay of thematic maps and filtering out the zones of forest degradation it was found out that there is a change in vegetation area in the forest.

Multimedia GIS study of a part of Delhi

Recently, Web-based GIS applications have become important tools for disseminating geographical information in digital map format on the Internet because of there platform independence, interactivity, and wide accessibility. This trend brings about new insights on the integration of Web-based GIS and multimedia on the Internet Science. The main purpose of this study was to provide the user with user-friendly tools to visualize both spatial data and associated multimedia information on the Internet. South Delhi was selected as a test area for this study. A relational GIS database was created using Arc View and graphics, pictures and sound data were integrated into the multimedia GIS database.

Pune District Data Generation

The objective of this project was to convert Raster to Vector and Georeferencing the Pune District Spatial database of Maharastra State. The main features were; Roads, Railways, Water Bodies, Recreation places, Forests, Education centers, Health centers, Tourist places and Power lines etc.

Electric Network Mapping and Code Assertification

In the last few decades, the electric power industries have been developing power transmission systems to follow up with the rapid growth of the power demand using GIS mapping. Analysis such as the selection of suitable areas, the optimum path finding, the profile analysis, the engineering design of towers and wires, and the cost estimation can also be done using GIS. It helps planners and engineers in the environmental and engineering analysis for transmission line siting. Power industry consequently has to keep track of numerous poles, circuits, power lines, and transformers. Electric network mapping and Assertification work has been done for Janakpuri area of East Delhi. The objective of this project was to map the poles, circuits, power lines, and transformers using GPS and GIS technologies. This work was also including details based on door-to-door consumer indexing and codification.

Public and Semi-public Social Infrastructure Mapping and Analysis

The main objective of this project was to setup an 'Information kiosks' that will guide the tourists regarding the locations of public facilities available in Chandani Chowk constitutional area of Delhi State. So the location based Mapping of public facilities on 1:2500 scale was done using EICHER maps and Field Survey with GPS. Extensive Field Survey was conducted for the collection of attributes related information and marking of facilities as waypoints as per the utility data model. Information processed and GIS ready maps were prepared for creation, updating and maintenance of public facilities and amenities situated in Chandani Chowk constitutional area.

GIS As a Decision Support System at Block Level (A pilot study of Palwal Block (124 Villages), Faridabad)

The objective of the project was to demonstrate the applications of GIS technology for the development of Decision Support System (DSS) for the local administrators for the betterment of their region. The Palwal Block of Faridabad District (Haryana) was selected for the pilot study area covering 124 villages.

The database from 2004 -2005 of various rural development schemes like SGRY, SGSY, IAY, MPLADS etc have been collected from office of Additional Deputy Commissioner and analyzed using GIS software. Intervention and gap areas identified through analysis and displayed through thematic maps.

Various other Maps showing population analysis at village level, transportation facilities analysis (approach roads to National Highways, railway track etc.) and irrigation facilities analysis (major to minor canals) at Block level have also been generated. The study was very successful and has been highly appreciated by the local administration.

Development of Village/Panchayat level Integrated Spatial Database on Natural Resources and Socio-economic parameters using GIS, GPS & RS technologies to help in Local Area Developmental Planning

The village Chharora had been selected for the pilot study, situated in tehsil and development block, Tauru of the newly created district namely Mewat which was earlier a part of district Gurgaon (Haryana).

Geo Solutions has completed the above-mentioned project, which was jointly implemented by NISTADS and Geo Solutions, sponsored by NRDMS Division, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

The objective of the project was to develop an Integrated Village Information System that will be adopted through a holistic approach wherein all the sectors viz. economic (primary, secondary and tertiary), socio-cultural (customs, tradition, knowledge, attitude, behavior and practice), infrastructural- social (educational, health and recreational activities) and physical (water, electricity, roads and streets, solid and liquid waste management), land-use (built up area, agricultural field and forest land) will be understood carefully at the grass-root level and spatial and non-spatial database of each sector will be analyzed with the help of geo-spatial technologies to find out intervention and gap areas.

The data had been used from various sources, particularly high-resolution satellite data (at present Q. B. Imagery of .61cm resolution), handheld GPS, field survey data and other secondary data.

Mapping and Vegetation Change Detection of Forest Areas of Gurgaon & Mewat Forest Divisions (Using PAN & LISS-III Images) of Haryana State on Geo-Referenced Revenue Maps

Under this project 50 villages form Gurgaon Forest Division and 114 villages from Mewat Forest Division have been selected where plantation under Aravali project had been carried out.

After geo-correction of village revenue maps, present status of forest cover was to be marked as forest plantation, percentage of encroached area under settlement, agriculture, mining and non-forest area, using the latest technology of Remote Sensing and GIS. This study has been completed using Remote Sensing data (IRS 1C LISS- III and Pan of year 2000 & 2004 for change detection) and SOI topographic sheets, and village revenue (Sajra/mussavis) maps.

DGPS and Total Station based topographic Survey of Tapkan, Rehna & Sonkh Villages, Tehsil Nuh, Mewat, Haryana.

Under this project 3 villages form Mewat Forest Division had been selected for detailed topographic survey for demarcation of Forest pillars and drainage pattern analysis for a check dam. The detailed topographic survey was conducted with TS and DGPS was used for picking up ground control points for referencing.

Demarcation of Forest Areas closed under section 4 & 5 PLPA with GIS and GPS technology of Mewat, Gurgaon, Mahendergarh and Rewari Districts of Haryana State

Almost 200 villages from the above said districts of Haryana state had been selected for demarcation of forest area under section 4 & 5 (PLPA). An extensive field survey was carried out to demarcate the exact khasra No of the village forest areas as per the revenue record. Later on village revenue map (Cadastral/Sazra) of each village was also geo-referenced with the help of High resolution satellite image. The project submitted with good appreciation from forest & revenue department officials.

Geo-informatics & Surveying Techniques based Demarcation of Sultanpur National Park Zone, Gurgaon, Haryana.

This project has been awarded from Forest Department Gurgaon for demarcation of 5 kms Eco-sensitive Zone of Sultanpur National Park, Sultanpur, Gurgaon. 23 villages are lying within the catchment area of the Sultanpur Lake, where the zoning would be done as per their requirement. The revenue maps of each village will be geo-referenced, digitized and the exact khasra no will be marked on the ground for the different zones.

Landuse/Landcover Mapping of Eco-Sensitive Zone up to 5kms from the premiership of Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon, Haryana.

This project has been awarded from Forest Department Gurgaon for Landuse/Landcover mapping of Eco-sensitive Zone up to 5 kms from the premiership of Sultanpur National Park, Sultanpur, Gurgaon. High resolution satellite data (Q.B.) has been used for classifying and exacting the individual feature class using EARDAS Imagine & Arc GIS software as per the requirement of Forest Department.

DGPS, GIS & Remote Sensing based Demarcation of Panchayat Land of Village Gairatpur Baas and Raisina, Gurgaon.

The main objective of the project was to examine the encroachment on panchayati land of Gairatpur Baas village and to evaluate the boundary issues between Raisina & Gairatpur Baas villages on hilly area as per the revenue record. The project was awarded by the district administration with a recognized committee of Tehsildar & BDPO of Gurgaon & Sohna Tehsils and Blocks. We used high resolution satellite data, digitized and geo-referenced the village revenue maps (sazra) of both Gairatpur Bas & Raisina villages and justified the revenue problems of overlapping and gap areas between both the villages. Using DGPS we demarcated the individual khasra numbers of panchayati land of Gairatpur Baas village on the hilly area and extracted 45 Acres of land as encroached land, 16 acres as Gap area and 5.6 acres as overlapping area with Raisina village. The report has been successfully submitted to the district authority.

GIS Based Village House Hold, Infrastructure and Agriculture land Mapping of Manesar Village, District Gurgaon, Haryana

The village Manesar is well known for its Industrial Model Township (IMT Manesar) and had been selected for the pilot study covering an objective of house hold and infrastructure level planning in the village in consultation with the district authorities (Deputy Commissioner, DDPO, BDPO, Gurgaon).

Geo Solutions completed the project with high appreciation from the concerned authorities providing them full landuse/landcover mapping of Manesar Village showing all the physical & social infrastructure, house hold level mapping at 1: 1000 Scale with contours and 3D Model to evaluate the current status of the infrastructure of the village.

Updation, Position Correction and Migration of DWG & DNG files into Geo-Database of Sharjah City of UAE

We have done this project for Ericson India. The broad scope of the project was migration of DGW & DNG files into Geo-database covering major features of Sharjah city i.e. roads, built-up area and landmarks and their position correction and updation. We systematically categorized, managed and updated the database in GIS platform using MapInfo and Arc GIS softwares and successfully delivered the project within the stipulated time.

Change Detection in Waterweed and Landuse/Landcover Mapping of Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary, Jhajjar, Haryana. (LISS-III & Geo Eye Data)

This small study had been awarded from Department of Forest; District Jhajjar, Haryana for change detection of waterweed within the catchment area of Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary and its Landuse/Landcover mapping. We have used LISS-III and GeoEye satellite data for two different years (2008 and 2011) to extract the change in the waterweed within the lake area and have also classified the entire lake area for individual feature class using EARDAS Imagine & Arc GIS software as per the requirement of Forest Department.

Preparation of GIS Based Key Plan/Base Map for Sohna Municipal Committee, Gurgaon

This project had been awarded from Municipal Committee Sohna; District Gurgaon, Haryana for preparing GIS based Key Plan/Base Map of the municipal committee area of the Sohna Municipality covering Landuse/Landcover mapping with all major features and preparation of revenue map showing MC Land on it, We have used latest GeoEye satellite data to extract major features and used DGPS for geometric correction.

DGPS and TS based survey for Road Widening with all details at Nimoth-Gangola-Kuliyaka Road, District Gurgaon

This project had been awarded by Mayar Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, Haryana for DGPS and Total Station based detail survey for widening of Nimoth-Gangola-Kuliyaka road. We submitted the work successfully.

Geo-spatial Technologies and Total Station Survey Based Demarcation of Revenue Land

Geo-spatial Technologies covering Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) and Electronic Total Station (ETS) survey which are highly accurate combination of technologies and capable to provide accuracy in inches, have been used for demarcating the revenue land of different agencies, where land disputes were existing and demarcation was not feasible by the traditional method of revenue department. Hence, we had been appointed by different Govt. and private agencies to resolve the issue of land demarcation. The list is as follow:

  • Defence University Land at Village Bilaspur, Gurgaon
  • N. B. Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Land at Village Sohna, Gurgaon
  • Faith Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Land at Village Mohamadpur Gurjar, Gurgaon
  • CHD Builders Land at Village Dhunela, Gurgaon
  • DLF and Tondon's Land at Bandwadi & Baliyawas Villages, Gurgaon
  • GLS Infratech Land at Village Sohna & Khaika, Guragon
  • Village Panchayati Land of Kabristan & Phirni at Kuliyaka Village, Gurgaon
  • ROF Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Land at Village Dhunela, Gurgaon
  • Mayar Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd. Land at Biotech SEZ at Village Nimoth and Rahaka, Gurgaon
  • Village Panchayati Nala at Village Gawal Pahadi, Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon
  • Paras Buildtech Land at Village Gawal Pahadi, Gurgaon
  • Regions Construction land at Village Sohna, Gurgaon
  • Unique Toveco Pvt. Ltd. Land at Village Bandwadi, Gurgaon
  • Vera Edu Infra Pvt. Ltd. Land at Village Bandwadi, Gurgaon
  • Village Panchayati Rasta at Village Bandwadi, Gurgaon